Los Angeles Code List

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    Code 1: Acknowledge Call/Respond Over Radio

    Code 2: Routine Call No Lights or Siren

    Code 2-HIGH: Priority Call No Lights or Siren

    Code 3: Emergency Call Lights and Siren

    Code 4: No Further Assistance Needed

    Code 4A: No further units needed to respond suspect not in custody units already en route to the scene position or patrol in strategic areas near the scene

    Code 5: Stakeout – Stay Away

    Code 6: Out of Car on Investigation

    Code 6A: Out of Car on Investigation Requires Assistance

    Code 6C: Out of Car on Investigation Suspect is Wanted

    Code 6G: Out of Car on Investigation Gang Activity

    Code 7: Meal Break

    Code 8: Fire Alarm

    Code 8A: Working Fire

    Code 10: Request to Clear Frequency for Crime Broadcast

    Code 12: False Alarm

    Code 20: Notify Media

    Code 30: Burglar Alarm (Code 30 Ringer or Code 30 Silent)

    Code 37: Vehicle is Reported Stolen

    Code 77: Caution Possible Ambush

    Code 99: Emergency

    Code 100: In Position to Intercept

    Code Robert: Request for deployment of Urban Police Rifle to location

    Code Sam: Request for deployment of shotgun slug ammunition to location

    Code Tom: Request for deployment of taser to location


    148: Resisting Arrest

    187: Homicide

    207: Kidnapping

    211: Armed Robbery

    211 SILENT: Silent Holdup Alarm

    240: Assault

    242: Battery

    245: Assault With Deadly Weapon

    246: Shooting in Dwelling

    261: Rape

    288: Lewd Conduct

    311: Indecent Exposure

    374: Illegal Dumping

    390: Intoxicated Person

    415: Disturbance

    417: Person With a Gun

    451: Arson

    459: Burglary

    470: Forgery

    480: Hit and Run

    484: Theft

    487: Grand Theft

    488: Petty Theft

    502: Driving Under the Influence (DUI)


    10-4: Understood

    10-8: In Service

    10-10: Out of Service

    10-11: Talk Slower

    10-12: Visitors Present

    10-14: Escort

    10-15: Enroute With Prisoner

    10-16: Pick Up Prisoner

    10-17: Pick Up Document

    10-23: Stand-By

    10-24: Trouble at Station

    10-27: Check Driver’s License

    10-34: Resume Normal Broadcast

    10-35: Confidential Information

    10-36: Correct Time

    10-37: Name of Operator

    10-39: Message Delivered

    10-86: Traffic Check

    10-97: Arriving On Scene

    10-98: Assignment Complete

    10-99: Emergency


    AC: Aircraft Crash

    BT: Bomb Threat

    PR: Person Reporting (Complainants)

    RD: Reporting District (Division plus Master Beat)

    TC: Traffic Collision

    COLD PLATED: License Plates Do NotMatch The Vehicle (Commonly Stolen License Plates or Stolen Vehicle With Stolen Lic Plates)

    ADW: Assault with a Deadly Weapon

    CHP 10 Codes

    10-1: Reception poor

    10-2: Reception good

    10-4: Message received

    10-5: Relay message

    10-6: Busy stand by

    10-7: Out of service

    10-8: In service

    10-9: Repeat last transmission

    10-10: Off duty

    10-11: Identify mobile frequency

    10-13: Advise road or weather conditions

    10-14: Provide escort

    10-15: Prisoner in custody

    10-17: Relay paper supplies etc.

    10-19: Return or return to_________

    10-20: Location requested

    10-21: Telephone_________

    10-22: Disregard

    10-23: Standby

    10-28: Request for registration

    10-29: Check for wanted (person or vehicle)

    10-30: Improper radio traffic

    10-31: Attempt suicide

    10-35: Code 2 backup

    10-36: Confidential information

    10-36A: Confidential info subject possibly armed

    10-36F: Confidential info possible felony wants

    10-36M: Confidential info possible misdemeanor wants

    10-37: What time is it?

    10-39: Message or item delivered

    10-97: Arrived on scene

    10-98: Assignment completed

    CHP 11 Codes

    11-10: Take a report

    11-24: Abandoned vehicle

    11-25: Traffic hazard

    11-26: Abandoned vehicle occupied

    11-27: Drivers license check driver held

    11-41: Ambulance required

    11-44: Possible fatality

    11-48: Provide transportation

    11-66: Defective traffic signals

    11-79: Accident ambulance rolling

    11-80: Accident major injuries

    11-81: Accident minor injuries

    11-82: Accident property damage

    11-83: Accident no details

    11-84: Direct traffic

    11-85: Tow truck required

    11-86: Bomb threat

    11-87: Bomb found

    11-98: Meet________

    11-99: Officer requires help emergency

    Other CHP Codes

    Code 2: Urgent

    Code 3: Emergency

    Code 4: Situation stable

    Code 20: Notify press

    Code 33: Clear radio channels for emergency

    LASD Codes

    10-1: Receiving Poorly

    10-2: Receiving Well

    10-3: Stop Transmitting

    10-4: Acknowledged

    10-5: Relay

    10-6: Busy

    10-7: Out of Service

    10-8: In Service

    10-9: Repeat

    10-10: Out of Vehicle, Subject to Call

    10-11: Transmitting too Rapidly

    10-13: Advise Weather and Road Conditions

    10-15: Prisoner in Custody

    10-16: Pick Up Prisoner

    10-17: Pick Up Papers

    10-17A: Are you Holding Papers?

    10-19: Return to Indicated Location

    10-20: Location

    10-21: Telephone Indicated Location

    10-22: Cancel

    10-23: Stand By

    10-27: Any Return on Number or Subject?

    10-28: Vehicle Registration/Wants (Complete)

    10-29: Vehicle Registration/Wants (Summary)

    10-29F: SJ is Wanted for a Felony. Use caution

    10-29FD: SJ is Wanted for a Felony, Armed and Dangerous

    10-29H: Are you Clear to Copy Confidential Information?

    10-29M: Subject is Wanted for a Misdemeanor Crime

    10-29P: Subject is a parolee, probationer, career criminal, registered sex offender, or registered arsonist

    10-29T: Subject is Wanted for a Traffic Warrant

    10-29V: Property Reported Stolen

    10-30: Transmission does not Conform to Regulations

    10-31: Request Unit and Channel

    10-33: Request Emergency Clearance

    10-34: Request Routine Clearance

    10-36: Correct Time

    10-37: Identify Operator

    10-38: Request Clearance to Run a Subject

    10-39: Request to Clear an Incident

    10-97: Arrived at Scene

    10-98: Finished Assignment

LASD Crime Codes

    187: Murder

    207: Kidnapping

    211: Robbery

    211S: Robbery Alarm-Silent

    215: Carjacking

    242: Battery

    245: Assault with a Deadly Weapon

    246: Shooting at an Inhabited Dwelling

    261: Rape

    273A: Child Abuse

    273.5: Felony Spousal Assault

    288: Sex Crimes Against Children

    314: Indecent Exposure

    330: Gambling

    368: Elderly Abuse

    374B: Illegal Dumping

    390: Drunk

    390P: Possible Use of PCP

    415: Disturbance

    415B: Disturbance-Business

    415D: Disturbance-Drunk

    415E: Disturbance-Music or Party

    415F: Disturbance-Family

    415FT: Disturbance-Fight

    415G: Disturbance-Gang Activity

    415J: Disturbance-Juveniles

    415LT: Disturbance-Landlord/Tenant

    415N: Disturbance-Neighbors

    417: Person with a Gun

    417A: Person with a Knife

    417B: Barricaded Suspect

    417BH: Barricaded Suspect-Hostage Situation

    417S: Shots Fired

    422: Terrorist Threats

    451: Arson

    459: Burglary

    459A: Burglary Alarm-Audible

    459S: Burglary Alarm-Silent

    470: Forgery

    480: Hit and Run-Felony

    481: Hit and Run-Misdemeanor

    483: Hit and Run-Parked Vehicle

    487: Grand Theft

    488: Petty Theft

    488B: Petty Theft-Bicycle

    496: Receiving Stolen Property

    502: Drunk Driving

    503: Vehicle Theft

    503A: Recovered Vehicle

    504: Tampering with Vehicle

    504A: Vehicle Stripping

    510: Speeding or Racing

    537: Defrauding an Innkeeper

    586: Illegal Parking

    586D: Illegal Parking-Driveway

    586F: Illegal Parking-Fire Hydrant

    586H: Illegal Parking-Handicap

    594: Vandalism

    602: Trespassing

    604: Throwing Objects

    646.9: Stalking

    647.6: Person Annoying/Molesting Children

    653M: Lewd or Threatening Phone Call

    901N: Ambulance Needed

    901S: Person Sick or Injured-Ambulance Disp.

    901T: Traffic Collision-Ambulance Dispatched

    902: Person Sick or Injured

    902A: Attempt Suicide

    902H: Enroute to Hospital

    902N: Traffic Collision-No Injuries

    902R: Rescue Responding

    902T: Traffic Collision-Unknown if Injuries

    903: Aircraft Accident

    903L: Low Flying Aircraft

    904: Fire

    904A: Fire-Auto

    904B: Fire-Brush or Grass

    904I: Smoke Investigation

    904S: Fire-Structure

    904T: Fire-Trash

    905A: Abuse to Animals

    905B: Animal-Bite

    905D: Animal-Dead

    905N: Animal-Noisy

    905S: Animal-Stray

    905V: Animal-Vicious

    909: Traffic Stop

    909A: Wires Down

    909C: Child Locked in Vehicle

    909M: Monitoring Traffic

    909R: Radar Enforcement

    909S: Safety Hazard

    909T: Traffic Hazard

    911A: Contact Informant

    911B: Contact Officer

    911C: Citizen Contact

    911N: Do not Contact Informant

    912: Are we Clear?

    913: You are Clear

    914C: CHP Notified

    914F: Fire Department Notified

    914N: Concerned Party Notified

    916: Officer Holding Misdemeanor Suspect

    916A: Officer Holding Felony Suspect

    916B: Citizen Holding Misdemeanor Suspect

    916C: Citizen Holding Felony Suspect

    917A: Abandoned Vehicle

    917S: Suspicious Vehicle

    918: Insane Person

    918V: Violently Insane Person

    919: Keep the Peace

    920: Missing Person

    920C: Missing Critical

    920F: Found Adult/Juvenile

    921: Prowler

    922: Illegal Peddling

    923: Illegal Shooting

    924: Station Detail

    924B: Briefing, Vehicle Prep/Exchange/Trouble, Eos

    924C: Court Appearance

    924M: Messenger Service

    924P: Patrol Check

    925: Person Acting Suspiciously

    925A: Person Acting Suspiciously in Vehicle

    926: Tow Truck Requested

    926A: Tow Truck Dispatched

    927: Suspicious Circumstances

    927A: Susps Circs-Person Pulled from Phone

    927B: Susps Circs-Open Door or Window

    927C: Check Vicinity

    927D: Susps Circs-Possible Dead Body

    927H: 9-1-1 Hang Up

    927P: Suspicious Circumstances-Panic Alarm

    927S: Suspicious Circumstances-Person Screaming

    928: Found Property

    928L: Lost Property

    929: Person Down

    930: See the Man

    930A: See the Manager

    931: See the Woman

    962: Levy Completed w/o Defendant's Knowledge

    963: Levy Completed w/Defendant's Knowledge

    964: Eviction

    995: Strike Trouble

    996: Explosion

    996T: Bomb Threat

    997: Deputy Needs Help Urgently-District Cars Only

    998: Deputy Involved in Shooting

    999: Dep Needs Help Urgently-All Units Respond